ECCR Surrender Intake
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Thank you for requesting assistance from ECCR in surrendering your dog.

Please note that only the owner/co-owners (or whoever currently has primary responsibility for the dog) will be allowed to surrender to ECCR.  We receive many surrender requests per week which leaves us with little time to pursue "leads".  We will not contact someone about surrendering a dog who has not contacted us first.

Please do not use this form to submit any "found" dogs or dogs that are being held being held by a shelter or rescue unless you are an employee or authorized volunteer with that shelter or rescue.  If you have found a lost dog, please contact your local animal control agency.

If you are seeking to surrender more than one dog, please fill out a surrender request for each dog.

The more information you can provide about the dog, the more quickly we will be able to rescue them, so please provide as much information as you may know.

Please provide your contact information.
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Where is the dog currently located?
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Are you willing to help transport the dog to a nearby foster, or as part of the first leg of a foster transport?
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What sex is the dog?
Has the dog been spayed or neutered?
What is the approximate age of the dog?  (If you aren't sure, please provide your best guess.)
Has the dog ever scratched or bitten anyone, for any reason?
East Coast Corgi Rescue is a 100% volunteer foster-based rescue. While our fosters are experienced dog owners, they are not certified trainers. We are not a rehabilitation rescue and do not have many resources to take in dogs with a history of extensive aggression.
If your dog has aggression with a history of biting, you will need to seek help from skilled professional trainers or veterinarians who have experience in correcting behaviors with positive reinforcement. We recommend conducting an online search for someone in your area who can provide you with more assistance.
Was the bite or scratch reported to animal control?
Please provide more details on the bite history of the dog, including, who, what, where, and why (what triggered the bite) and if the bite broke skin.
Does the dog have any of the following behaviors? (This helps us select the best foster home)
Please provide more details about the behavioral issues you selected.
Does the dog have any medical conditions or special needs such as a past/current injury, illness or a special diet?
Please provide more details on any medical conditions we should know about and if/how they were treated, as well as if it is an ongoing issue a foster/adopter needs to be aware of.
Please answer these additional questions regarding the dog.
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Is the dog up to date on all required shots and vetting?
Is the dog potty-trained?
Is the dog friendly with other dogs?
Has the dog lived with cats?
Do you recommend the dog lives with other dog(s)?
Is the dog crate-trained?
Can the dog be trusted when left alone in the house?
Does the dog know any commands?
How long can the dog be left alone (either in a crate, or on his/her own)?
Is the dog dominant or submissive?
How would you describe the dog's energy level?
Couch potatoModerately energetic
Extremely energeticDon't Know
Energy Level
Moderately energetic
Why are you surrendering this dog?
Please provide any other information you would like us to know.
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